Anonymous Generosity to Empowering Communities: Marc D. Alexander’s Journey with Lite Raise and Lite Tuition Recognized with 2024 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award

Mount Clemens, MI – May 29, 2024 – In a heartwarming journey that began with an anonymous $16,000 gift to complete his college education, Marc D. Alexander has transformed his experience into a powerful movement, now celebrated with the 2024 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award. Marc’s companies, Lite Raise and Lite Tuition, are revolutionizing educational and community fundraising, and his remarkable story continues to inspire.


In 2009, Marc Alexander was a determined senior at Kettering University, struggling to secure a loan to cover his final year of tuition. Facing mounting debt and seven loan rejections, Marc’s story resonated with an anonymous benefactor who sent a $16,000 cashier’s check with a simple request: “Pay it forward.” This act of kindness became the catalyst for Marc’s life mission.


“I was blown away by the generosity and promise I made to pay it forward,” Marc recalls. “It’s a promise I’ve carried into every endeavor since.”


Fast forward to today, Marc’s commitment to paying it forward is embodied in Lite Tuition, a platform dedicated to helping students raise funds for educational expenses, and Lite Raise, a fundraising software that empowers organizations of all sizes to raise money for their causes. These initiatives have made a significant impact not only in the U.S. but also in countries like Australia, Kenya, Liberia, and Guatemala.


Lite Tuition allows students and parents to start raising funds as early as kindergarten, with funds sent directly to educational institutions. The platform’s expansion and partnerships with various payment gateways ensure secure and trustworthy transactions. Lite Raise, on the other hand, provides organizations with the tools to scale their fundraising efforts, ensuring that causes receive the support they need without the financial burden falling solely on the corporations.


The success and impact of these platforms have not gone unnoticed. Today, Lite Raise is honored to be selected as a 2024 Michigan Celebrates Small Business Award recipient. This recognition is a testament to the significant strides Marc and his team have made in fostering educational opportunities and community support.


“We are incredibly grateful to be recognized with this prestigious award,” says Marc. “It validates our efforts and inspires us to continue making a difference.”


Marc’s journey from a struggling student to a successful entrepreneur has been fueled by his unwavering dedication to helping others achieve their dreams. This recognition is further highlighted by a congratulatory message from the Governor of Michigan, acknowledging the profound impact of Marc’s work on the community and beyond.


Marc’s story is a powerful reminder of the ripple effect that one act of kindness can have. From receiving an anonymous gift to leading a movement that empowers students and communities worldwide, Marc Alexander is living proof that paying it forward can create lasting change.


For more information about Lite Raise and Lite Tuition, please visit or

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