Lite Raise Chosen for NFL Draft, Representing Michigan’s Innovation

April 4, 2024 (Mount Clemens, Michigan) — Lite Raise, a pioneering tech company based in Michigan, has been selected to be featured at the NFL Draft in Detroit as part of the Let’s Grow Michigan initiative. This selection marks a significant recognition of Lite Raise’s innovation and contribution to Michigan’s vibrant business landscape.

Led by Michigan’s first-ever Chief Growth Officer, Hilary Doe, Let’s Grow Michigan aims to showcase the very best of Michigan’s small businesses and tech companies to a nationwide audience. Lite Raise’s inclusion in this high-profile event underscores its commitment to excellence and its position as a leader in Michigan’s tech sector.

The Let’s Grow Michigan initiative is a curated digital showcase highlighting the diverse and innovative businesses that call Michigan home. Lite Raise will be featured alongside other outstanding businesses, presenting an opportunity to reach a broad audience and gain valuable exposure.

Lite Raise meets the stringent criteria set forth by Let’s Grow Michigan, with a robust online presence and community engagement. Its dedication to maintaining excellent customer service and sales standards positions Lite Raise as an exemplary representative of Michigan’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“We are thrilled to be selected for the NFL Draft as part of Let’s Grow Michigan,” said Marc Alexander Founder & CEO at Lite Raise. “This opportunity not only highlights our commitment to innovation but also showcases the strength and diversity of Michigan’s business community. We look forward to sharing our story on a national stage.”

Lite Raise encourages fellow Michigan businesses to join them in participating in Let’s Grow Michigan and seize the chance to showcase their excellence to a wider audience. As Michigan prepares to host the NFL Draft in Detroit, it’s an opportune moment for businesses to highlight their contributions to the state’s growth and prosperity.

For more information about Lite Raise and Let’s Grow Michigan, please visit and

About Lite Raise:

Lite Raise stands at the forefront of social tech innovation, offering a multifaceted approach to fundraising. At its core, Lite Raise provides Lite Emerge, a groundbreaking fundraising software that empowers non-profits to achieve their fundraising goals efficiently and effectively. With Lite Emerge, organizations like Kiwanis are revolutionizing their fundraising efforts, leveraging its seamless integration and customizable features to raise vital funds for their clubs. This whitelabeled solution not only streamlines the fundraising process but also enhances donor trust and engagement, ensuring a consistent and effortless experience for all stakeholders involved. Lite Raise’s commitment to innovation is further exemplified through Lite Tuition, a pioneering platform designed exclusively for students, alleviating the financial strain of education expenses without the burden of debt. With Lite Raise, the future of fundraising is brighter than ever.

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