The importance of a pre-launch campaign

Are you considering running a Lite Tuition campaign? If so, you will need to know the best practices that separate the campaigns that get 5 – 10 supporters from the ones that surpass their funding goal.

One of the biggest advantages is conducting a pre-launch campaign. This may be one of the biggest factors that play into your Lite Tuition campaign. Many people decide to go out on a limb and simply post their Lite Tuition campaign on a platform, and expect the platform to generate all of the support for them. This does not work! Most of the support that you receive are from your own marketing.

The process

Now that you understand, you will not receive support simply by adding your campaign to the platform of your choice. Instead, you want to generate all of your own supporters and let the platform give you additional supporters in the process. Where do you find potential supporters? This age old question is the key to a successful Lite Tuition campaign. You need to conduct research into your potential supporter and target those who are most likely to support your campaign.

Next, is when you will decide to market to the potential supporter. This starts before you actually launch your Lite Tuition campaign. That is why it is called a pre-launch campaign. You need to share your story to the ones that will potentially support your campaign before it launches. Many companies decide to host a contest online, or another form of marketing campaign. However you decide to market the campaign, you need to keep in mind the end goal. Furthermore, the end goal is to gain access to a potential supporter, this can be in the form of gathering email addresses, or likes on social media, etc. You need to find the identities of those who may be interested in supporting your campaign.

Once you gain that access to your target market, you need to keep their interest. So if you have created a social media page, or gathered email addresses, you need to send them periodic updates about the launch of your Lite Tuition campaign.

Advantages of the pre-launch campaign

The pre-launch campaign will be your biggest asset. The whole idea is to generate the initial supporters for your Lite Tuition campaign. Keeping this in mind, you will also have to utilize your existing social circle including friends and family that may want to help with the campaign. These first supporters will be the backbone of your campaign, as it will reassure others that your campaign is actually legitimate!

People are more apt to support something that other people have supported to. Would you support a campaign that has only 2 supporters? Probably not. If you see that 30 others have contributed their money to a campaign, you would likely think that it this may actually be something of interest. This is the entire focus of the pre-launch campaign. It will make others want to support. This is a HUGE consideration for people when they are giving their money to a complete stranger.

Another major asset that the pre-launch campaign will provide, is getting your campaign noticed on the Lite Tuition platform. If you create a campaign and you receive a large percent of your fundraising goal within the first week, you get featured on the site, and this is what separates the good campaigns from the great campaigns. If you are featured on the front page of Lite Tuition or any other major social media platform, you can guarantee that all eyes are on your campaign. This is how campaigns surpass their funding goals. Being featured on the homepage is a major advantage, as other media sites may write articles about your campaign, giving it more coverage on the net.

How to start

After reading this article, you need to make the first step and define your potential supporter. This means you need to find all of the similar successful fundraising campaigns to yours and deploy similar marketing campaigns. As simple as this process sounds, you may be in the research phase for several months before you decide to launch your pre-launch campaign. The most important step in the whole process is your research. The rest is straightforward. In a nutshell, you can begin your pre-launch campaign and deploy your specific marketing strategy. Once you have launched, your supporters will be ready to contribute, and start your campaign off on the right foot.

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