Fundraising For Clubs and Sports Teams

Transform your club or sports team's fundraising experience to achieve greater success in less time! Effortlessly enhance your club or team's fundraising efforts to maximize results in minimal time.

Join the numerous organizations, churches,

nonprofits, and initiatives that use Lite Emerge


Elevate your fundraising endeavors by leveraging meticulously designed, tailor-made donation pages adorned with your team’s colors and logo, enhancing engagement and fostering greater support.


Boost your donation collection efforts with expertly crafted, custom-branded donation pages that reflect your team’s colors and logo, maximizing engagement and support.

Impact Giving

Engage your donors by showcasing the impact of their contributions with dynamic pages tailored for clubs and sports teams

Fundraise in-person or online

No matter if your fundraising events are held in-person, virtual, or a blend of both, simply distribute the link and kickstart your efforts to raise funds for your sports clubs.

Track Your Church's Giving Impact

Know where you stand with our campaign dashboard. Track campaign progress and funds raised across all campaigns.

Track Your Club's Giving Impact

Know where you stand with our campaign dashboard. Track campaign progress and funds raised across all campaigns.

Tell Your Club's Amazing Story

Unveil the remarkable narrative of your sports team or club. Initiate fundraising projects, team endeavors, community drives, and beyond using your personalized platform.


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Every dollar counts and having the ability to increase the dollars coming in is invaluable for many families and organizations. This was a must have for us.
Rashida S.


Having the ability to expand our reach and fundraising technology has been a great additional to the works we are doing for residents, leaders and organizations in our community
Terrance G.

Executive Director

In an ever evolving world, it is great to have a software that keeps you up-to-date and competitive. Expenditures become streams of revenue which has been amazing.
Damon B.

Founder & CEO

Lite Raise is doing wonderful things for those in need of support for their futures. They made the onboarding process super easy and their team is so nice to work with. Just a wonderful group. I'm excited to see how they continue to grow!
Tim H.

Founder & COO

In case you’re still wondering

Each plan includes:


Secure, Compliant, and Reliable

Now you can have the same fundraising abilities as the big companies with our customer software.


No Contracts or Other Fees

You only pay for your plan and when you use our software with no hidden fees.


Campaign Tracking

Follow each campaign through approval, funding and completion in a simple dashboard.

How does Lite Emerge work?

Lite Emerge gives organizations of all sizes the fundraising software used by larger organizations. Funds can now be raised and controlled by your organization for causes that relate to you.

I'm not tech savvy. Will I still be able to use Lite Emerge?

Yes! Lite Emerge is easy and adaptable for those with Low Tech or No Tech experience. We made the process simple and have a support team to help you every step of the way.

How will we receive the funds through the platform?

All funds through the platform will go into your Stripe or PayPal business account. We provide the software and you control the funds that go through your Lite Emerge platform.

What can I raise money for?

You control the campaigns and causes that you can raise funds for within your organization.

How long does it take to get onboarded onto the Lite Emege platform?

Onboarding is simple and easy. Select the subscription that you would like, enter your payment method and you will receive your onboarding invite with platform and login credentials.

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